Lancia Phedra 2.2 Diesel engine & gearbox oil capacity

Lancia Phedra 2.2 JTD and D Multijet, 4HW (DW12ATED4), 4HP, 4HR, 4HT, 4HS, year 2003-2010 motor 2179 ccm manual or automatic gearbox, engine and oil pan lubricant, displacement and capacity in liters, quarts, gallon. How many US gallons or liters or US quarts of oil is needed to change the oil from the motor and oil pan on a Lancia Phedra.

  • Fuel type: diesel.
  • Engine and oil pan displacement: 4.75 liters or 5.01 quarts US or 1.25 gallons US.
  • Recommended motor oil viscosity: 5w40.
  • Manual gearbox oil volume for 4HT, 4HS: 1.9 liters, 2.00 quarts US, 0.50 gallons US.
  • Manual gearbox oil volume for 4HW (DW12ATED4): 2.0 liters, 2.11 quarts US, 0.52 gallons US.
  • Best oil for manual gearbox viscosity: 75w-80.
  • Automatic gearbox oil capacity for 4HW (DW12ATED4): 4.5 liters, 4.75 quarts US, 1.18 gallons US.
  • Oil specs for automatic transmission: ATF.

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