Kia Carens 1.8 l engine, oil pan, manual gearbox lubricant capacity

Kia Carens with motor 1.8 l manual gearbox, engine and oil pan capacity in liters, quarts, gallon.

How many US gallons or liters  or US quarts of oil is needed to change the oil from the motor and oil pan on a Kia Carens.

Kia Carens 1.8 l power 81 kw or 110 hp, manufactured between 2000-2002.

  • Fuel type: petrol.
  • Engine and oil pan displacement: 4 liters or 4.23 quarts US or 1.06 gallons US.
  • Recommended motor oil viscosity: 5W-30.
  • Manual gearbox oil volume: 2.8 l or 2.96 qt or 0.73 gal.
  • Best oil for manual gear box viscosity: 75w90
  • If you want to know exactly what engine oil is recommended for your car and what is the oil viscosity you must use, please leave us a comment on this article: model and type of your car, engine oil quantity, diesel or gasoline, year when was made, and how much kw or horse power has your car.


If you want to change by yourself the engine oil and filters such as fuel filter, air filter, cabin air filter and oil filter we will help with information how much oil does an Kia Carens and where is located all the filters on your car. If you have any question do not hesitate to leave us a comment at the end of this article and one of our mechanics will answer you in no time. On this site you cand find how to reset the oil service indicator on your Kia Carens after you change the oil motor.

If you search some answer such as how much oil your car consume and when you must fill with oil for your car, what is the oil viscosity, oil weight please leave ass a comment. What happens when your car engine oil goes in water tank.

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