Isuzu D-MAX gearbox, motor and oil pan volume

Isuzu D-MAX automatic – manual gearbox, motor and oil pan capacity in liters-quarts-gallon. Manufactured in 2002-2015.

How many US gallons or liters  or US quarts of oil is needed to change the oil from the engine and oil pan on a Isuzu D-MAX.


Isuzu D-MAX with engine 2.5 Ddi code 4JK1-TCY.

  • Car fuel type: diesel.
  • Motor capacity: 2499 ccm (151,73 cubic inches).
  • Engine and oil pan volume: 6.8 liters or 7.18 quarts US or 1.79 gallons US.
  • Manual gearbox oil capacity : 1.8 l or 1.9 qt or 0.47 gal.
  • Automatic gearbox oil volume : 10.7 l or 11.3 qt or 2.82 gal.
  • If you want to know exactly what engine oil is recommended for your car and what is the oil viscosity you must use, please leave us a comment on this article: model and type of your car, engine capacity, diesel or gasoline, year when was made, and how much kw or horse power has your car.


Isuzu D-MAX with engine 2.5 D code 4JA1L.

  • Car fuel type: diesel.
  • Motor capacity: 2499 ccm (151,73 cubic inches).
  • Engine and oil pan volume: 8 liters or 8.45 quarts US or 2.11 gallons US.
  • Manual gearbox oil capacity : 3 l or 3.17 qt or 0.79 gal.
  • Recommended engine oil: 5w30.


Isuzu D-MAX with engine 3.0 D code 4JA1L.

  • Car fuel type: diesel.
  • Motor capacity: 2999 ccm (182,09 cubic inches).
  • Engine and oil pan volume: 8 liters or 8.45 quarts US or 2.11 gallons US.
  • Manual gearbox oil capacity : 3 l or 3.17 qt or 0.79 gal.
  • Recommended engine oil: 5w30.


If you want to change by yourself the engine oil and filters such as fuel filter, air filter, cabin air filter and oil filter we will help with information how much oil does an Isuzu D-MAX and where is located all the filters on your car. If you have any question do not hesitate to leave us a comment at the end of this article and one of our mechanics will answer you in no time. On this site you cand find how to reset the oil service indicator on your Isuzu D-MAX after you change the oil motor.

If you search some answer such as how much oil your car consume and when you must fill with oil for your car, what is the oil viscosity, oil weight please leave ass a comment. What happens when your car engine oil goes in water tank.

60 thoughts on “Isuzu D-MAX gearbox, motor and oil pan volume”

  1. Michelle Harrison


    Can you please tell me what grade oils are needed for my 2015 dmax? 4wd Manuel 3 litre.

    Thank you

  2. Hi,

    I have a 2015 Isuzu D’max with 2.5 TD engine (4JK1) and auto transmission and I would like to know what type transmission oil shall I use and what viscosity. And at what milage should it be replaced.

    Appreciate you help.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hello, only this information i have for automatic gearbox Isuzu D-Max 4WD 120 kw or 163 horse power, manufactured starting with 2012 the automatic gearbox oil capacity is 10.7 liters.

  3. My dmax 2.5 2012 model I hv used (elf 10-40 S-S) Liqui Moly 10-40 s-s Ows 10-30 fully sync now using Esron ES99 5-40 fully sync mean time I fill Liqui moly and elf is ok so Esron just change on 8/1/16

    1. Hello, please tell me from what year it is your car?
      Help me to understand you, what do you want to know ?

  4. No engine: 4jk1
    Modal :TFS86JDR-TLPH
    How many liter for Automatic transmission oil and is that have a oil filter for transmission

    1. Hello, I need to know from what year is your car ? What engine do you have, if I am not mistaken i think that you have 2.5 diesel if I’m right please tell me if it is 4×4 ?
      For your D-Max engine cod it is : 4JK1E5S-L or 4JK-1E5-TC ? Power 120 kw (163 hp) ?

    1. Hello Travis, what engine do you have, what transmission (manual or automatic), what motor power in kw or hp ?

  5. Hi. I have a 2004 3.0td rodeo. I see that it takes 3.0 litres of gearbox oil but what type should I use? Also, would you recommend doing the rear diff oil, if so what type and how much?
    Thank you 👍🏼

      1. Hi..

        It’s the 96 kw variant.
        Apologies for the delay in coming back to you but I’ve only just had notification of a reply…. weird… 🤔

          1. Would you happen to know if it’s the same for the rear diff please? and if so, how much?
            Any help is appreciated.
            Thank you.

  6. Hello,

    Please advise – what is the right engine oil (viscosity) for my d-max 2010 LS model, 4X2 manual. And how many liters or quarts required for change oil.


  7. Hello… i have isuzu dmax x-series 2015 manual… can you please tell me what is the right oil i use for change oil ang gearbox oil…

    1. Hello Ian dela torre,

      Plese tell me what engine do you have on your Isuzu can be 1.9Ddi RZ4E-TC or 2.5 CRDi 4JK1E5S-L, 4JK-1E5-TC .

      Thank you!

  8. Hi, I have an Isuzu D-Max 2012 model, 2,5l 4×4 with 163 hps.
    its recently out of guarantee so i did the oil change myself, 3 months back.

    I followed the instruction manual with regards to how much Motor Oil to fill in – all information is in the Owners Manual / Instruction Manual / Operating Manual (whatever you want to call it).
    According to the manual, my Dmax takes 6,5l of motoroil without a filter change, or just over 7 litres with a filter change – I measured the oil exactly and put in the recommended amount.
    Checking my dipstick / oils stick – the oil is exactly in the middle of the yellow plastic (so perfect actually)

    BUT: today my Isuzu dealer told me that Isuzu has changed how much oil the dmax takes – they have reduced the required amount by about 2 litres!!! Apparently now it should only take 5,something litres . . . that the dipstick or oil stick should only just touch the oil (2 or 3 mm on the dipstick).
    Apparently this change is because they have had engine damage, and something to do with the Diesel Particle Filter (catalyst?)

    Has anyone else heard this, or can you confirm?
    Do I now need to take out 2 litres of oil?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Eugen,

      I am from Eastern Europe, unfortunately, I have not heard about this problem!
      I will try to ask some service from my country and see if they now something and I will come back to you.

      Have a nice day!

    1. Hello Cesar,

      If your car has 2.5 engine diesel with 74kw or 101hp.
      The engine oil capacity is 5.2 liters.

      Have a nice day!

    1. Hello Elesock!

      Please tell me from what year is your car, what motor do you have, power engine in kw or hp?

      Thank you!

    1. Hello Sim, are you sure the car is made in 2015, because in our program this engine was put on D-Max made between 2002-2012?

    1. Hello Thommo,

      If you have a diesel engine this is not a problem.
      After you’ve changed it the oil will go dark after 100 km.

      Have a nice day!

  9. Hi there,im looking to diy the atf on my All Nee Dmax year 2015.

    It says in the manualbook,atf capacity is 10.7 litres.

    How can i remove all atf in the system?
    As i drain tru the oil pan bolt,it only came out between 2-3 litres.

    I want to replace all what is inside the transmisions and replace with the new 10.7 atf.

    I felt the engine or the transmission sound very harsh and creates vibration.
    I also felt the pick up acceleration from standing point and overtaking like under power.

    Can you please help me with this?


    1. Hello Shaffry,

      When you say ATF you mean at Automatic Transmission Fluid, I hope!
      If you say that the manualbook says the gearbox oil capacity is 10.7 liters that mean you have an 2.5 CRDi engine.

      Sorry I cant help you, I only have a sketch only for a manual gearbox. I am gone put it here mabe is the same.
      Drain and refill gearbox oil Isuzu D-Max

      Have a nice day!

  10. hello, my name is Vlad and i have a Isuzu D-max 2.5l from 2015 163hp.
    can you please tell me what type of oil is needed for the engine
    thanks a lot

    1. Hello Vlad, for Isuzu D-max made after year 2012 with engine 2.5 CRDi motor code 4JK1E5S-L, 4JK-1E5-TC you can use 10w40.

      Have a nice day!

  11. Edward Sadadu Anak.Unjong

    I use IZuzu Dmax Premium Edition, year made 2017. I want to know the volume of engines oil in liters use and their liquidity.

  12. Hi I have an Isuzu Kb 3.0 D max 4×2 double cab manual transmission. How much engine oil does it take and wat oil do I use for the gearbox please. Thanks

  13. 2012
    4jk1- jt1045
    Fuel – Diesel
    Gear – Automatic
    how many letters does it take for automatic transmission oil and after how many kilometers it change?

    1. Hello, for Isuzu D-MAX the only engines that start with 4JK1 are first generation 4JK1-TC and second generation 4JK1E5S-L.

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