Engine oil capacity in quarts / liters Alfa Romeo Brera 1.8 TBI 16 v

Engine oil capacity in quarts / liters Alfa Romeo Brera 1.8 TBI 16 v. From year: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013.

How many quarts / liters of engine oil is needed for an oil change including replacement of oil filter for a Alfa Romeo Brera 1.8 TBI 16V.

If you want to do maintenance by yourself on your Alfa Romeo, if you want to change your engine oil and filters see and you don’t now how much quarts / liters oil enter in your car engine below you can see what is your car engine oil capacity and what type of oil you must use.


  • Alfa Romeo Brera 1.8 TBi 16V it is a Large / Luxury Car.
  • Car fuel: gassoline.
  • Engine capacity: 1742 cm3 ( 106.3 cubic inches ).
  • Car engine oil capacity: 5 quarts / liters.
  • The recommended engine oil: Castrol Magnate 5w-40 DPF 4B.

 Alfa Romeo Brera

Checking engine oil. Check the oil level a few minutes (about 5) after the engine has stopped, with the car parked on level ground. Remove the dipstick A and clean it, put it back in completely, remove it and check that the level is within the MIN and MAX marks on the dipstick. The gap between the MIN and MAX marks corresponds to about one litre of oil.

Alfa Romeo Brera 1.8 TBI checking engine oil capacity.

Topping up engine oil. If the oil level is near or even below the MIN mark, add oil through the filler neckB, until reaching the MAXmark. Oil level shall never exceed the MAX mark.

IMPORTANT, if a routine check reveals that the oil level is above the MAX mark, contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services to have the correct level restored.

IMPORTANT, after adding or changing the oil, let the engine turn over for a few seconds and wait a few minutes after turning it off before you check the level.

Engine oil consumption. Max engine oil consumption is usually 400 grams every 1000 km. When the car is new, the engine needs to run in, therefore the engine oil consumption can only be considered stabilised after the first 5000 – 6000 km.

IMPORTANT, the oil consumption depends on driving style and the conditions under which the car is used.

IMPORTANT, do not add oil with specifications other than that already in the engine.

Warning, when the engine is hot, take care when working inside the engine compartment to avoid burns. Remember that when the engine is hot, the fan may cut in: danger of injury. Scarves, ties and other loose clothing might be pulled by moving parts.

All information about Alfa Romeo Brera 1.8 TBI engine oil capacity in quarts / liters, is taken from Alfa Romeo Brera owners manual.


Correct maintenance is essential for ensuring long car life under the best conditions. This is why Alfa Romeo has programmed a series of checks and maintenance operations every 35,000 km (or 21,000 mi).  

IMPORTANT: the actual engine oil and filter change frequency depends on the conditions of use of the car and is signalled by means of a warning light or message (where provided) on the instrument panel.

IMPORTANT: at 2000 km from the scheduled service, the display will show a dedicated message. It is however important to remember that scheduled servicing does not completely cover all the car’s requirements: also in the initial period before 35,000 km (or 21,000 mi) service coupon and later, between one coupon and another, ordinary care is still required such as for example routine check and topping up the level of fluids, tyre pressure check, etc

IMPORTANT: the Programmed Maintenance coupons are specified by the Manufacturer. The failure to have them carried out may invalidate the warranty. Scheduled Servicing is performed by all Alfa Romeo Authorized Services, at preestablished times. If during whatever service operation, in addition to the ones programmed, the need arises for further replacements or repairs, these may be carried out only with the explicit agreement of the Customer.

IMPORTANT You are advised to contact Alfa Romeo Authorized Services in the event of any minor operating faults, without waiting for the next service coupon. If your car is used frequently for towing, the interval between one service coupon and the other must be reduced.


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