BMW 116i and 116 d engine oil capacity in quarts / liters

BMW 116i and 116D engine oil capacity in quarts / liters. From year: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.

How many quarts / liters of engine oil is needed for an oil change including replacement of oil filter for a BMW 116i and 116 d, 1 series E81, E82, E87, E88.

If you want to do maintenance by yourself on your BMW, if you want to change your engine oil and filters see and you don’t now how big it’s your engine volume or how much quarts / liters oil enter in your car engine below you can see what is your car engine oil capacity and what type of oil you must use.


BMW 116i engine oil capacity in quarts / liters.

  • BMW 116 i it is a small / economy car.
  • Car fuel: gasoline.
  • BMW 116i engine code: N45 B16, N45N B16, N43 B16A, N43 B20A.
  • Engine capacity: 1596 ccm (96,90 cubic inches).
  • Engine capacity: 1995 ccm (121,12 cubic inches).
  • BMW 116 i engine oil capacity: 4.25 quarts or liters.
  • BMW 116i manual gearbox oil capacity: 1.3 l.
  • BMW 116i automatic gearbox oil capacity: 9.5 l.
  • BMW 116i recommended engine oil: Castrol Magnatec 5w/40 C3.


BMW 116 d 85 kw or 115 hp, engine oil capacity in quarts / liters.

  • BMW 116 d it is a small / economy car.
  • Car fuel: diesel.
  • BMW 116 d engine code: N47 D20A.
  • Engine capacity: 1995 ccm (121,12 cubic inches).
  • BMW 116 d engine oil capacity: 5.2 quarts or liters.
  • BMW 116 d manual gearbox oil capacity.
  • BMW 116 d automatic gearbox oil capacity.
  • BMW 116 d recommended engine oil: Castrol EDGE Turbo Diesel 5w-40.



All information about engine oil capacity or gear box oil capacity is taken from BMW 116i and 116 d, 1 series E81, E82, E87, E88 owners manual.

If you don’t find your car (engine code, engine capacity) leave us a comment and we will respond in the shortest time with your information about you car engine oil capacity.

 BMW 116i and 116 d engine oil capacity in quarts / liters

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    1. Smoke indicates that the engine it’s eating oil, you must complete with the same oil you put in the beginning. In case you’re somewhere where you can not find the same engine you can put any oil, if you can not find any oil you add water until the first service.

    1. Hello Joe, if you have this car BMW 1, F20, 116 d, 85 kw or 116 hp, engine type B37 D15 A, diesel, oil capacity is 4.4 liters, recommended viscosity 5w-30 .

  1. I have a BMW 116i 2010 Model. What’s my recommended engine oil other than Castrol since it isn’t available in my Country in Kenya. We have Motul and Valvoline. Kindly assist. Plus I’ve used Total Quartz 9000 5w40 BMW LL-01 recommended and 3 weeks later I had to top up my fuel having done even less than 1000km. I have no leakage on my gaskets whatsoever. What could be the reason

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